We are a group of people around Vancouver, B.C. seeking to grow an intentional community to live in.

Perhaps you’ve been to Burning Man (or other communal experience) and left longing to remain in close proximity to others with a shared intention or values. Perhaps you’ve lived in shared housing or an intentional community before and wish to create something larger or longer-term. Or, perhaps you’ve heard of “ecovillages” or “communes” and find them a bit freaky or too hippy… but oddly compelling.

Intentional communities come in many shapes and under many names: co-housing, eco-villages, communes, housing co-ops. These communities can vary greatly in size, location, level of autonomy and purpose/s.

Come build our Home 2.0!

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August 2012 – Creation of our Vision Statement:

We are an evolving group of caring and playful collaborators coming together to live interconnected and meaningful lives guided by the following shared values:

  • Celebrating diversity and the freedom to live unconventionally
  • Creating common traditions, rituals, ceremony
  • Supporting individual and collective creativity, expression and play
  • Communicating respectfully, honestly and compassionately
  • Cultivating friendships and loving connections
  • Living sustainably (environmentally, economically, socially)
  • Sharing our passions, ideas, knowledge, skills and resources with each other and the wider world