Home 2.0 Member Application

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in living in community and are interested in Home 2.0!

Please fill out the following form to apply to become a member of Home 2.0. Because we want to make sure there is a good fit with the current Core Members (a group of 5-8 lead planners), we ask new folks to introduce themselves in-person and here on this form. At our next planning meeting (bi-weekly) we’ll take a look at your application and respond. If we think you’re a good fit you’ll become a Supporting Member and we’ll invite you to start attending planning meetings. The process of becoming a Core Member is outlined below.

Thank you and please contact us at if you have any questions.

Membership Types

  • Supporting
  • Provisional
  • Core

Supporting Member

How to become
  • Attend a monthly open meeting
  • Meet at least two Home 2.0 core members
  • Fill out a short online questionnaire
  • Prospective new member application will be reviewed at the upcoming meeting before inviting to become a Supporting Member
  • Permission to attend Core meetings
  • Can participate in discussions, but not decision makers
  • Have access to our governance procedures
  • Core members able to have closed door portions of the core meeting
  • Same meeting attendance requirements as core members
  • Option to request to become a Provisional Member after attendance 4-8 core meetings
  • Membership can be revoked by the core at any time

Provisional Member

How to become
  • Must complete a more lengthy questionnaire, interview and provide references
  • Can participate in discussion and be decision makers, but cannot block proposals
  • Same meeting attendance requirements as the core group members

Core Members

How to become
  • Request to become a Core Member after attendance of 3 months of meetings
  • The prospective new core member must have met all the
  • A consensus decision on whether to accept the new Core Member is made and includes all present Core Members
  • Full participation as an equal Core Member